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SUPPORTING SUNNI SCHOLARS Seeks to reconnect the Muslim tradition of knowledge to the masses by promoting its representation and reinvigorating classical scholarship.

We aim to realise this by following our tripartite philosophy:

1 Support

Deserving Sunni scholars and students of knowledge to enable complete dedication to serving Islam through various medium, such as teaching, writing and lecturing.

2 Elevate
The standard of education and scholarly representation in Muslim communities, primarily those situated in the West.
3 Preserve

The orthodox tradition of Muslim scholarship and popularise its undertaking by an increase in financial stability.

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Your Role In Supporting
Sunni Scholars

Speaking on the essentials of human co-existence, the erudite Imam al-Shafi’i issued a fatwa stating that a Muslim cannot live in any locality bereft of a physician and a scholar. While the former tends to the physical ailments of a person, the latter heals the spiritual.

The communal obligation [fard kifaya] of Muslims is to ensure that they have qualified scholars leading their mosques by establishing and maintaining the objectives and rulings of Islam.

The coming of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) marked a watershed in Mankind’s history—the dispatching of Prophets and Messengers to the world had been sealed by Allah. The Mercy of Allah, Most High, did not leave humanity without avail.

Inheriting the traditions of the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ), the scholars preserved, defended, and transmitted the sciences of Islam throughout the fourteen hundred years history of Islam.

Our Support For Sunni Scholars


Supplement income for scholars operating within teaching, lecturing or writing.


Cover editing, design and write-up of publishing endeavours.


Finance lectures, workshops and regular classes for students.


Produce funded research opportunities for high quality Sunni scholars.