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The Prophet ﷺ described the Companions as "Stars of guidance", stating that whosoever is followed amongst them will ensure guidance for the follower. This legacy of guidance was thereafter inherited and carried by the scholars who stood as beacons of light, guiding stray wayfarers and bringing them back to the Path. Allah wills for good to come about through them, as the Prophet ‎ﷺ described,

“ Whosoever Allah intends to do good with, He grants him understanding of the religion. ”
By serving Muslim communities for centuries through propagation of knowledge, defending the Pristine Shari’a, and honouring the Prophetic Way, the scholars were revered leaders by the masses. As a result, their respective congregations took it upon themselves that the scholars were looked after, providing all types of stability to them.
Today, society crumbles in the face of capitalism where the only dogma is self-adulation. A complete disregard to scholars has left them being amongst the most financially crippled of society, forcing them to resort to seeking other forms of income.
In reality, today’s age of misinformation and ‘fake news’, it is critical that the scholars be available for Muslims to resort to in order to safeguard their faith rather than focussing on sources of income. Because of these individuals, the Muslim tradition of scholarship is alive and continues to flourish. Institutes have been developed, students of knowledge become leaders of communities, and scholars are produced. A debt of gratitude is owed to these esteemed servants of Allah. 


Abd-Allah b. al-Mubarak said,

“The chain of narration [isnad] is from the Din. If it were not for the Isnad, any person would say (about Islam) whatever he wished.”
Thus, any person who sits on the seat of a scholar must possess roots extending back to the Messenger of Allah ‎ﷺ through the isnad. Any person lacking the isnad is unrooted and not considered a scholar.
For the purpose of Supporting Sunni Scholars scope of work, a scholar is defined as a holder of an official certificate from a reputable Sunni institute/madrassa for a complete Dars-i-Nizami/Shahada al-Alimiyya course. This may alternatively be fulfilled by a collection of licences (i.e., ijazat) transmitted from qualified and competent scholars. Additionally, any scholar who is recipient of financial support from Supporting Sunni Scholars must be active in one (or more) fields of work, such as; teaching, writing, lecturing, leading daily prayers and counselling.
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Are you a scholar in need of funding? Any scholar who is recipient of financial support from Supporting Sunni Scholars must be active in one (or more) fields of work, such as; teaching, writing, lecturing, leading daily prayers and counselling. 


Supporting Sunni Scholars endeavours to serve the class of scholars by connecting financially deprived scholars with the generous Sunni public. Establishing such bridges will engender grassroot changes in our communities whereby scholars will be able to fulfil their responsibilities. In the same way that people prefer for themselves a good career and a well-paying job, the same attitude must be forwarded to the scholars who bring good to us in this world and the hereafter.

The work of Supporting Sunni Scholars is not to provide complete salaries and wages to scholars, rather it is to aid and assist them for further stability.

Scholars will be supported by:

Financial Supplements
Grants for Islamic Work
Scholar Support & Awareness


Help Supporting Sunni Scholars by donating as much or as little as you can, one-off or regularly. Support a scholar on their journey today and reap the rewards.

The beloved Prophet ﷺ stated regarding charity,

"The believer's shade on the day of resurrection will be his charity."

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