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The successful growth of Supporting Sunni Scholars is dependent on the unrelenting enthusiasm and commitment of its volunteers. Our volunteers support the very foundation of what we do; to lead fundraising activities, organise events, create ideas, explore new avenues and promote what we do. They share an ethos that truly echoes the philosophy of Supporting Sunni Scholars.

Volunteering for Supporting Sunni Scholars means you contribute according to your strengths. Your time is valuable, so we want to make the most of what you can offer by understanding your strengths and where your efforts could be better utilised. We do not want to delegate tasks to fulfil check-box exercises, we want to develop a community of like-minded volunteers whose noble intentions are translated to meaningful actions.

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If you would like to volunteer and be part of a growing charity whose movement will encapsulate a new generation of Islamic scholarship representation, please register your interest below:

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