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We Seek to reconnect the Muslim tradition of knowledge to the masses by promoting its representation and reinvigorating classical scholarship.

We aim to realise this by following our tripartite philosophy:

1 Support

Deserving Sunni scholars and students of knowledge to enable complete dedication to serving Islam through various medium, such as teaching, writing and lecturing.

2 Elevate

The standard of education and scholarly representation in Muslim communities, primarily those situated in the West.

3 Preserve

The orthodox tradition of Muslim scholarship and popularise its undertaking by an increase in financial stability.

Disbursement Policy

Supporting Sunni Scholars upholds a 100% disbursement policy ensuring every penny of your hard earned donation is completely utilised for the beneficial aims set out for. No donation is used for administrative or overhead costs; these are covered through direct admin-related donations or Gift Aid.

This unique policy sets Supporting Sunni Scholars apart from most international NGO’s and is the guiding principle of the organisation. Our work is carried out by experienced, committed volunteers and is overseen by trustees with professional management and charity sector experience. No work of ours is outsourced to agencies, preventing possible conflicts of interest. The charity takes complete ownership for delivering funding to its recipients while displaying absolute transparency, integrity and applicant confidentiality.

Further details of distribution of funds and its methods and frequency will be visible to its recipients. In general, funding will be distributed on a circumstantial basis through bank transfer.

Our Motivation

Supporting Sunni Scholars, established in 2021, was founded upon the dire need for a financial body through which the righteous scholars and inheritors of the Prophet can receive financial support. Such support would further the great work done by these heirs of the Muslim tradition of sacred knowledge, who reside in the United Kingdom and abroad. The financial burden associated to scholarly work should be of no concern to the scholars themselves. Therefore, Supporting Sunni Scholars endeavours to serve the class of scholars by connecting financially deprived scholars with the generous Sunni public. Establishing such bridges will engender grassroot changes in our communities whereby scholars will be able to fulfil their responsibilities. In the same way that people prefer for themselves a good career and a well-paying job, the same attitude must be forwarded to the scholars who bring good to us in this world and the hereafter. The work of Supporting Sunni Scholars is not to provide complete salaries and wages to scholars, rather it is to aid and assist them for further stability. 

The long term aim is to establish an ongoing fund that can provide support in all aspects of knowledge dissemination, from teaching to publishing, research and digital support.Therefore removing the financial difficulty associated to bringing such good work to fruition.

By serving Muslim communities for centuries through propagation of knowledge, defending the Pristine Shari’a, and honouring the Prophetic Way, the scholars were revered leaders by the masses. As a result, their respective congregations took it upon themselves that the scholars were looked after, providing all types of stability to them.

If we do not ensure the scholars are financially stable, who will guide the next generation?

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