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Traditional scholarship is rooted in the books of knowledge which are sources of reference for scholars and students.

Throughout the history of Islam, the foremost tenet of preservation of knowledge has come by virtue of literature in its various methods of transcription. It is through this methodology that the likes of Imam Abu Hanifa (may Allah be pleased with him) compiled his notable work al-Fiqh al-Akbar over 1300 years ago but remains a primary text in present day Dars-i-Nizami courses.

As time progressed, trials and tribulations unveiled themselves, leaning on the scholars of Islam to guide its people. These noble individuals took to the pen to refute innovation and defend the Pristine Shari’a from its detractors. The chronology of such can be traced back through records of written works by the great scholars of their times, in doing so, connect the Sunni public today with the beloved Messenger of Allah ﷺ.

How Do We Define Publishing?

The Silk Road trade routes provided Muslims the first encounter with papermaking from the Far East. As is the way of Islam, such technologies and inventions were used advantageously to protect and preserve generations of scholarship. With the advent of modern publishing, many books still require print. Till today, libraries throughout the Muslim world hold shelves lined with manuscripts of books that have not yet seen the light of day, despite being authored several centuries before.

Print and publishing has remained vital to the preserving of traditional Muslim scholarship. With the advent of modern printing, many Muslims turned their attention towards modernising old, out-dated manuscripts and utilising the new technologies available. Under the reign of Sultan Abd al-Hamid II, the Ottoman Empire granted official Court Patronage to Muhammad Ali Pasha when he inaugurated his Amiri Press in Bulaq, Cairo. It was in this very publishing house that Sultan Abd al-Hamid commissioned his royal print of Imam al-Bukhari’s magnum opus, ‘al-Jami al-Sahih’.

Despite the achievements of the Muslim world till today, many books authored by leading scholars of the past still remain in the darkness of libraries and sitting on dusty shelves. We must work towards serving this scholarly heritage.

Publishing involves the various aspects required to prepare a book for print. This involves typesetting, design, proof-reading, print and distribution. Alternative forms of publishing may also be utilised, such as digital publications and audio publications.

Apply for Funding

Are you passionate about publishing and the written word? Do you have a project or initiative that could benefit from funding support to advance publishing and literary endeavors? If so, applying for funding


Supporting Sunni Scholars is dedicated to the discovery and publication of contemporary and historical Muslim authors and literature. We understand that literature creates a rich, fertile culture in which the reader’s spiritual development is nurtured. We intend to passionately serve the needs of discerning readers for literature across all genres of Muslim scholarship.

Supporting Sunni Scholars seeks to amplify and uplift the voices of the Muslim community. We will champion, support, and mentor compelling writers at every level of experience through conscientious editing, distinctive design, and innovative promotion.

Primarily, we aim to provide grants to scholars and gifted writers covering the cost of:


Supporting Sunni Scholars' work aspires to revive the spirit of Islamic literature for a modern audience.


Give once:

  • £100 - Literature sourcing costs
  • £250 - Cover-design costs
  • £500 - Wages of scholars
  • £1000 - Printing costs
  • £2500 - Fund an entire project

Give monthly:

  • £25 - Buy access to literature resources
  • £50 - Fund a research paper
  • £100 - Fund a large work
  • £200 - Fund continuous print runs
  • £250 - Fund a multi-volume work

The beloved Prophet ﷺ stated regarding charity,

"The believer's shade on the day of resurrection will be his charity."


We must drive a change in culture. Support efforts that instil knowledge and change into the lives of people and reap ceaseless reward. Support Publishing in memory of a loved one and let them earn the reward (sadaqah jariyah) as per the Hadith of Messenger of Allah ‎ﷺ.

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