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Supporting a scholar is subject to approval of the application process submitted under Community Projects and Research Projects. It should be noted that the application process can be completed by any individual so long as the recipient of the funding is aware of the application made on their behalf.

Details of application processes cannot be revealed per The Data Protection Act 2018. However, it is important to note that applications undertake a thorough ratification and eligibility check to ensure your donation is being utilised to its maximum capability. Therefore, you can help by donating to the cause of your choice which will directly help those scholars who require it most.

This is the exact reason for the creation of Supporting Sunni Scholars - to help those scholars whose efforts would be better utilised in the dissemination of Islamic knowledge.

In the first instance, you should inform the scholars you are referring to of the support available. On the Donate and Community Projects pages, you will see where funding can be offered – if the scholars’ strengths are in producing literature, they (or you, on their behalf) can submit an application for Sponsor Publishing based on the support sought. Please feel free to get in touch .

  1. Application - application submitted to Supporting Sunni Scholars committee. Only qualified persons are accepted.
  2. Deliberation - Assessment via SSS policies and unanimous approvals proceed.
  3. Consultation - Careful consideration and consultation with scholars who know the candidate personally. Interview may proceed.
  4. Approval - Once approved, SSS initiates support on the agreed term.
  5. Support - SSS team proceed to assist scholars and students in their pursuit to disseminate knowledge.
  6. Review - Every recipient of funding undergoes regular review by the SSS commitee.

Supporting Sunni Scholars champions a 100% Disbursement Policy. This means that every penny of money received will be disbursed in its entirety to the initiatives highlighted in the DonateCommunity Projects and Research Projects pages.  Analytics on incoming and outgoing money will be published in year-end reports to demonstrate transparency In addition to accounts that will need to be submitted to Companies House and the UK Charity Commission.

Supporting Sunni Scholars have established a framework to fulfil this purpose. The Supporting Together page breaks down how you can help support scholars at the grassroot level, here you can help scholars who are local to you.

Yes, absolutely. You can find everything you need to know about becoming a volunteer in the Become a Volunteer section.


‘Supporting Sunni Scholars’ endeavours to serve the class of scholars by connecting financially deprived scholars with the generous Sunni public. Sunni institute/madrassa for a Dars-i-Nizami/Shahada al-Alimiyya course.