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Tafsir al-Nabhani

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Last updated: 11.05.2024, 19:28

Gaining proximity to Allah, Most High, is the very fundamental objective of a human being. Allah states in the Quran: “I have not created jinn or man except to worship me”. Ibn Abbas remarked, “‘To worship me’ means to know Allah.”

The key to knowing Allah is to understand the Divine Speech of Allah. Today, the only preserved revelation from the Creator of the Universe is the Quran, as He Himself takes an oath to preserve it.

Generation after generation, the ulama took a keen interest in the Quran, understanding its modes of recitation, investigating its linguistic intricacies, and unlocking its inner dimensions. As such, the corpus of Muslim literature has a large section dedicated solely to the Quran.


Imam Yusuf al-Nabhani, being an erudite and prolific scholar, authored an exegesis of the Quran entitled ‘Qurra al-Ayn min al-Baydawi wa al-Jalalayn’ in which he combined two monumental works in the tafsir genre, namely; ‘Anwar al-Tanzil wa Asrar al-Tawil’ by Imam al-Baydawi and ‘Tafsir al-Jalalayn’ authored collectively by Imam Jalal al-Din al-Mahalli and Imam Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti. Having an earnest care for the Muslim umma, Imam al-Nabhani made the resolve to author a tafsir work. However, this was not to be one which engaged in lengthy discussions on the intricate meanings and contexts of the ayat, rather it was to be a succinct explanation of the words of the Quran, serving as a companion for any Muslim reflecting on the Divine Speech of Allah. Later, the renowned Azhari Shaykh, Mustafa Abu Sayf al-Hammami edited Imam al-Nabhani’s tafsir and further commented on passages to complete the explanation of certain parts of the Quran.

DIYN intends to bring a first-ever critical edition of this tafsir by:

- A critical edit and research study on the tafsir;

- ⁠Typesetting and design, and;

- ⁠Highest standard of printing.


A total of £10,000 is required to complete this project and taking it to print. Be apart of spreading the Final Revelation of Allah, Most High.

The beloved Prophet ﷺ stated regarding charity, "The believer's shade on the day of resurrection will be his charity."

Where your money goes:

  • £100 - Cover calligraphy costs
  • £250 - Cover design costs
  • £500 - Cover proof-reading costs
  • £1000 - Cover print costs


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